Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just so wrong...

There are so many things wrong with this experiment. I'm assuming he is performing the "Methanol Torch" , where you fill a bottle of that shape with methanol vapor, bring a lit match to the top of the bottle and, after a quick flare, the flame flutter as it uses up the fuel in the neck and then pulls more from the body.

  • A glass bottle, we used old water cooler jugs.
  • He put whatever it was he was using to light it so far down the neck that the force of that initial burst was more focused into the bottle instead of upward (this is just assumption).
  • No safety glasses/goggles in evidence.
  • The full bottle of solvent (I'm assuming it was the methanol) really close to the firey experiment.
  • Letting the flame just burn after the explosion.
  • That godawful labcoat.

Any others you see?


Heath said...

Looks like someone's trying to be the wacky science teacher, who in reality has no idea that all the students and other staff think he's a dick.

The Fishmonger said...

So let's review...

Blowing something up on purpose, with suitable safety precautions (such as safety glasses, and not standing two feet from the explosion) - awesome.

Blowing something up because you didn't read the directions carefully, therby endangering the health and safety of yourself, your audience, and the other inhabitants of your now flaming buliding - not awesome.