Monday, May 21, 2007

Geocentricism? Is that all?

Astropixie, I noticed on a recent entry you were lamenting the continued existence of Geocentricism. Fear not, I have something to help you get over it:

The Flat Earth Society

From the FAQ:

Q: "Is this site for real?"

A: This site is real. There are people who seriously believe the Earth is flat. However, there are also people on this site who do not.

Q: "Why do you guys believe the Earth is flat?"

A: Well, it looks that way up close. Also, Samuel Rowbotham et al. performed a variety of experiments over a period of several years that show it must be flat. They are all explained in his book, which is linked at the top of this article.

Don't worry it gets better:

Q: "How did NASA create these images with the computer technology available at the time?"

A: Since NASA did not send rockets into space, they instead spent the money on developing advanced computers and imaging software instead

PLEASE NOTE This means that pictures confirming the roundness or flatness of the Earth DO NOT IN THEMSELVES CONSTITUTE VALID PROOF.

If 2000 year old dead bodies could spin in their graves, Eratosthenes's would be doing it about now.


astropixie said...

thanks for this! yikes!

its a good thing that the pilots of the space shuttles have coordinated so well as to have lined up in exactly the same spot every single time they've taken a picture in the last 30 years so that we dont see the flat earth at its awkward angle! go team!

Brian said...

Q: "What's underneath the Earth?" aka "What's on the bottom?" aka "What's on the other side?"

A: This is unknown. Some believe it to be just rocks, others believe the Earth rests on the back of four elephants and a turtle.

This is my new favorite website, thanks!