Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More pi day fun!

Mike Keith has taken pi day to a new level. Back in 1995, he composed a poetic retelling of Poe's The Raven wherein each word contains a number of letters corresponding to that digit of pi. If you don't know what I'm talking about (which, given my convoluted description, is entirely possible.. nay, likely), check out this excerpt from the beginning of the poem:

Poe, E. Near a Raven

Midnights so dreary, tired and weary.
Silently pondering volumes extolling all by-now obsolete lore.
During my rather long nap - the weirdest tap!
An ominous vibrating sound disturbing my chamber's antedoor.
"This", I whispered quietly, "I ignore".

Poe=3, E=1, Near=4... and so on for 740 words. Definitely awesome!

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astropixie said...

all i can say is "wow!"