Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What's your line?

So I assume that most of us either reading or contributing are scientists of some flavor. I'm curious about what kinds of science we're all into.

I'm an amateur generalist with some affection for mathematics, astronomy and evolutionary biology. I'm interested in all kinds of science, though those three areas are where I usually spend the most brain power. How about you?


Heath said...

I'm an environmental scientist, and when I was working in that field, I was mainly involved in water quality, catchment management, etc.

Got somewhat disillusioned with the industry, so these days I'm a high school biology and geography teacher.

The Fishmonger said...

I have a BS in Chemistry, and work as an analytical development scientist at a mid-sized pharmaceutical company. Based on this, it's easy to see that my line is the Bureaucratic Sciences. Yes, each day, I use my education and training to navigate the maze of requirements imposed by the FDA, EPA, OSHA, and my own company. Occasionaly, this excitement is broken by restful periods where I develop means of analyzing pharmaceutical products. But mostly, I fill out paperwork.

Laura said...

I am a PhD student in genetics (hopefully graduating soon!) focusing on transcription in yeast. Previously I spent some time getting mice and rats drunk. I'm currently looking for my first real job, and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life after school. I'm also very interested in the history of science, especially medicine.