Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Welcome to SUGAA Headquarters!

This blog is the current headquarters for:
Scientists United for the Global Advancement of Awesomeness
(a.k.a. SUGAA) (a.k.a. the 'Scientists for Awesomeness' pack from zefrank's TheOrg). All members of the pack are welcome as authors. And all members of TheOrg who have minds of a scientific bent (or scientifically-bent minds) are welcome to join the pack. Let me know if you'd like posting rights, and I'll do what needs to be done. Or if you'd rather, post your input as comments, and I'll elevate it to post level as appropriate.

So... we've been confronted with the question: what will SUGAA do to advance global Awesomeness? Well, it'll do whatever we want it to do! Know of some Awesome Science? This is the place to spread the word. Have you come across a bit of Dirty Space News? Shoot it this way! Found a bitchin' little science demo and want to share the word? This is the place! For all of your Awesome Science related needs, SUGAA HQ is the place. I'll post now and again. Think there should be more posts? Send them our way!


bubu said...

Thank you for setting this blog up for awesome science.

The Fishmonger said...

sure thing, bubu! If you want to help contribute, send me your email in a message at the org, and I'll get you added to the blog!

Jokermage said...

Skepduckies, currently me, will do what we can to promote the awesomeness that is Science!

Jokermage said...

Some awesome science

Theodore Gray should be one of our patron saints. The Periodic Table Table alone qualifies him.

This quote from Carl Sagan's Demon Haunted World is why science is important.

Granular eruptions